Do Disrupt by Do Book Co.

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Do Disrupt

by Do Book Co.

£ 8.99

Mark Shayler's book is about disruption. About doing things differently. About having ideas that will change the world. That will at least change your world. It’s also about delivering those ideas.

Do Disrupt is a workbook that will help you create ideas and take them from concept to market. It will encourage you to define your customer, identify the competition…and then out-smart them. You’ll also find out why you need a chat with your Nan and a tape measure.

It’s not enough to shake things gently. It’s about thinking big. Being innovative. Making a difference.

  • This is a Do Disrupt
  • It costs £ 8.99
    Do Disrupt

    Mark Shayler runs an innovation and environmental consultancy called Ape. He has worked with some of the world’s largest and smallest businesses to develop new products and services. He works with companies and individuals to help them develop ideas and move on. He is a public speaker, trainer, a founding partner of the Do Lectures and runs Do Workshops. He also helps run Good for Nothing – a collaborative group that deliver design and strategy work for good causes, for nothing.

    The Do Book Company is an independent publishing house based in Shoreditch, London. We produce a series of inspirational pocket guidebooks in print and digital formats.
    Our books are written by speakers from the Do Lectures whose ideas have inspired others to go and Do. Our aim is to recreate that same positive change in book form – whether that’s the mastery of a new skill or craft, a simple mindshift, or a shot of inspiration to help you get started.

    • 120x178mm
    • Black & white drawings and artwork by Mark Shayler
    • Paperback
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