Haircut Print by Daniel Strange

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Haircut Print

by Daniel Strange

£ 60.00

Hand-printed linoprint on Japanese paper

244mm x 258mm within mount

A print from the artists series Labour; an exploration of the forms of work (and its partner: unemployment) across the world and their interrelation in the global exchange of production and consumption.

  • This is a Haircut Print
  • It costs £ 60.00
    Haircut Print

    Daniel Strange is a 27 year old artist, printmaker and illustrator from Leicester, via South East London and now living in Germany.

    He combines sketch work with a range of fine-art printing, portraiture and other media. His work is strongly influenced by his interests in politics and his work often comes out of these interests - such as satirical cartoons in The Morning Star or posters and imagery for a range of political events in London.

    • Linoprint on Japanese paper
    • Hand-printed by the artist
    • Comes in mount
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