Rockmount Necklace - 22ct Gold Plated by Strange

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Rockmount Necklace - 22ct Gold Plated

by Strange

£ 180.00

This Rockmount necklace features a solid silver silhouette of our greyhound & icon 'Arnie' with a all-over plating of 22ct gold. The body has a matte, hand-hammered texture with the 'collar' and chain having a more lustrous finish.

The necklace itself is 30mm wide and hangs on a 30" chain.

This piece is hand made by our co-founder & jewellery designer Jane, in her Bristol workshop.

  • This is a Rockmount Necklace - 22ct Gold Plated
  • It costs £ 180.00
    Rockmount Necklace - 22ct Gold Plated

    The 'Rockmount' collection is our first range of products. Inspired by our own adopted rescue greyhound Arnie, the repeat pattern is of his silhouette, which is also the STRANGE logo.

    Arnie was a racing greyhound, rescued by the Retired Greyhound Trust once he retired. That's why 5% of all the proceeds from the Rockmount collection will go directly to the RGT, to help them in the wonderful work they do in caring for such beautiful animals 

    • Solid silver with an all over 22ct gold plating
    • Hallmarked for authenticity
    • 30mm wide on a 30" chain
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